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Bay Area Patent Application AttorneysWhy Should You File For A Patent?

Work with a patent application attorney that is able to guide you through the process with confidence and clarity.

Protecting your intellectual property is paramount. By applying for a patent, you will have legal grounds to secure your intellectual property for years to come. The process of obtaining a patent can be long and complex, which is why working with a patent attorney is highly recommended to ensure the protection of your intellectual property is done successfully.

Murthy Patent Law Inc. offers our clients years of experience managing patent law services. This enables us to effectively guide individuals through the patent process with the legal oversight they deserve. Located in Fremont, CA, Murthy Patent Law Inc. is deeply familiar with patent applications process law – and we’re prepared to help you make proactive decisions about your intellectual property no matter what.

What Is A Patent?

A patent provides exclusive rights for an invention. An invention is a product that offers a new technical solution to a problem, or provides a new way of doing something. In order to obtain a patent, the technical information pertaining to the invention must be released to the public in a patent application.

Patents encourage the ingenuity of technologies in every field, thus, they play an important role in the progression of product development. It is worth noting that patent protection is typically granted for the composition and technology of new, innovative products. By working with a patent applications process lawyer that is competent in their field, you can be confident that your invention will have the best chance of being granted the patent protection it deserves.

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How To File For A Patent In California?

Applying for a patent in California is a meticulous endeavor that requires careful attention to detail. This guide outlines the stages of securing exclusive rights to your invention.

Prior Art Search

The journey begins by identifying existing patents or publications resembling your invention. This step is vital for assessing the uniqueness and novelty of your creation. Collaborating with a skilled patent application attorney in California can significantly streamline this phase, ensuring you mitigate risk.

Drafting The Patent Application

Crafting a comprehensive yet precise patent application is of paramount importance. This entails detailing your invention’s features, functions, and potential benefits. The precision of your description is critical, as it lays the foundation for the entire application process.

Submitting The Application

Submitting your application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is pivotal. This demanding step involves providing the necessary documentation, including detailed drawings, and paying the requisite fees.

Examination And Processing

After submission, your application goes through the assessment phase under a patent examiner. This is where an experienced patent application lawyer truly shines. They adeptly manage communications and negotiations required during this process, ensuring your application receives the attention it deserves.

Patent Approval

Once deemed unique and non-obvious, your invention will earn its place as a patented creation. The exclusive rights granted by the patent will safeguard your invention for a designated duration.

The Benefits Of Applying For A Patent

A patent is used to protect your intellectual property from being infringed upon. Your intellectual property is your livelihood, and if another entity attempts to claim your ideas as its own, it is important to have legal protections in place to prevent them from succeeding.

Securing a patent accomplishes three major things:

  • The barrier To Entry: The power to bar others from selling competitive products.
  • Increased Profits And Prices: The barrier to entry stops other companies from providing an alternative to your product, thus your invention will be more valuable.
  • Leveled Playing Field: The ability to stop large companies from competing against you.

By obtaining protection from these factors for a predetermined period of time, you will have the advantage of keeping your competitors at bay. This allows you to have access to the many benefits of offering consumers a unique product that only you can provide.

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